About us

At Fijo Custom we have been in the world of airsoft since 2009. We started by manufacturing upgrade parts for sniper rifles with better quality and finishes than our competitors, differentiating ourselves by our wide range of products with great functionality and great durability and resistance.

Since then we have continued to improve and innovate both in our products and in our machinery and production chain to offer a permanent stock and new parts year after year.

That is why, after more than 12 years in the sector, we have decided to jump into the world of Speedsoft and, taking advantage of all our technology and experience, we launched our range of specific products for this new type of game.

We design all our parts from scratch, we prototype them with 3D prints, we machine them in CNC with aeronautical aluminum, and other high-quality materials, we test them one by one and offer them to you so that you can enjoy them and verify that our experience and commitment make a difference.

In addition, we have incorporated into our production system new customization techniques and finishes such as anodizing in a wide range of colors, laser engraving with a great definition of detail and soon the color finishing with baked powder paint or the hydroprinting.

To all this we add our excellent customer service through which we can communicate individually with any user who wishes to solve their doubts, customize their products, make products on request and even help with the assembly of the pieces or follow up of the shipment.

For all these reasons, Fixed Custom is and will continue to be a safe bet in the world of airsoft and now in the Speedsoft world.